Getting people out to vote is critical for any party, especially in a close election, but in the city of Ottawa it seems the parties don’t have to worry.

Several ridings have traditionally lead the country in voter turnout.

One of the key ridings to watch on Monday is Ottawa Centre.  At 80% turnout in the 2015 election, it was the highest voter engagement in the country.

In 2015 Liberal Catherine McKenna defeated the late Paul Dewar, a popular incumbent for the NDP.

In 2019, McKenna is facing a challenge from Emilie Taman, a well-known lawyer with deep connections in the NDP.  Taman greeted voters on election day on the LRT with the city councillor for the area, Sean Menard and the NDP MPP for the riding, Joel Harden.

McKenna was out engaging commuters with supporters in Ottawa-Centre Monday morning. 

In the riding of Carleton, another close contest in 2015, former conservative cabinet minister Pierre Poilievre won by just over 2000 votes.  And he’s facing the same challenger again Chris Rodgers.

Like Ottawa-Centre, there is very strong voter turnout in Carleton.  In 2015, 80.1% of voters cast ballots.

In a very close election, if history repeats, Ottawa will vote again.