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Meet the candidates in Ward 15 - Kitchissippi


There are three candidates running in the ward that includes Westboro, Hintonburg, Mechaniscsville and Hampton Park. Incumbent Jeff Leiper is one of the candidates seeking re-election.

  • 2018 municipal election voter turnout: 48.88 per cent
  • Projected 2022 population: 46,624
  • Projected 2026 population: 50,748

CTV News Ottawa invited all registered candidates to answer a questionnaire and submit a video introducing themselves to voters. (Some candidates submitted the requested 280 characters to describe their platform, while others submitted 280 words – accepted both).

Boundary line for Ward 15: Kitchissippi (City of Ottawa)

Oonagh Fitzgerald

Political experience:  None.

Professional experience: I am a bilingual lawyer with an MBA with extensive experience of leadership, management, good governance, accountability and transparency towards stakeholders and the public. I have advocated at the international, national and provincial level for climate action, sustainable development, building an innovative and inclusive economy and human rights. Throughout my professional life, I have been nonpartisan and have learned collaborative decision-making skills. I am running for the officer of Councillor for Kitchissippi to implement principles of sustainable development at the local level and improve governance at City Hall. 

How long have you lived in Ottawa? 40 years

Favourite Ottawa location/landmark?  All along the Ottawa River (Kitchissippi)

Describe your platform in 280 words or fewer:

I'm committed to bringing my passion for equity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, justice, and good governance to City Hall. I will provide Kitchissippi residents with a persuasive voice at City Hall to

  1. Ensure good governance, democratic accountability and financial transparency on all development initiatives and major projects
  2. Ensure corporate social and environmental responsibility in city business
  3. Grow an innovative, entrepreneurial, sustainable and circular economy
  4. Facilitate citizen efforts to make our city sustainable and carbon neutral
  5. Protect the Ottawa River’s south shore lands, waters and biodiversity
  6. Include First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in local decision-making
  7. Address issues of affordability of quality housing, food and transport
  8. Promote and achieve social inclusion and full gender equality
  9. Help seniors get the support they need to live longer independently
  10. Engage with young voters to shape and realize the future they want
  11. Collaborate with all levels of government for effective local solutions

With a housing affordability crisis in a climate emergency, this is not a time for business as usual. The city needs a plan to address both in ways that contribute to resilient, sustainable, inclusive, affordable, and liveable neighbourhoods. We need to take more control over development and embrace collaborative innovative approaches to both financing and construction to foster clean, green, and inclusive development. As councillor I will work to ensure that developers adopt standards of corporate social responsibility, negotiate benefit\impact accords to obtain ‘license to operate,’ and use sustainable construction materials and techniques that contribute to developing an innovative, green, and circular local economy.

Shaping the future we want starts locally. Together we can build a vibrant, sustainable, inclusive, and innovative community.


Jeff Leiper

Political experience:  City councillor for Kitchissippi ward 2014-2022

Professional experience:  Journalist and policy analyst

How long have you lived in Ottawa? 52 years

Favourite Ottawa location/landmark?  ByWard Market

Describe your platform in 280 characters or fewer:   I am running with the goal of contributing to addressing deeply affordable housing and transit in the city, and with a particular focus on getting zoning right in the upcoming comprehensive review.

Dan Stringer

Political experience: A decade a service to the City Councillor and MPP who represented Kitchissippi as their Community Outreach staff person

Professional experience: Shortly after receiving my Doctoral Degree (D.E.S.S.) from the Faculty of Law, University of Paris in the Management of International Institutions, a chance meeting with Mother Theresa in Rome led to a career is serving the homeless of Ottawa, where, among other front-line positions, I managed the Main Shelter of the Shepherds of Good Hope. I also had a career serving elected politicians in Ottawa.

How long have you lived in Ottawa? Born at the Civic Hospital, I  lived in Ottawa most of my adult life with the one noted exception of the twenty years after High School (the 70’s & 80’s)

Favourite Ottawa location/landmark?  Westboro Beach & Mapelawn Gardens

Describe your platform in 280 words or fewer:

The LRT failure and Trucker Invasion have exposed a Council ready to put politics (especially Mayoral ambitions) ahead of Good Government. We need change & I’m a change agent. Densification is a fraud that I will debunk. As a passionate community builder, with ‘The Kit’ in my DNA, I will apply my dogged determination to salvage the LRT. Top Stories

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