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Many spending time with loved ones outdoors on a sunny Thanksgiving Monday

While Thanksgiving can be a busy weekend prepping for big turkey dinners, on this sunny Monday, many are taking the opportunity to head outdoors and enjoy some time with loved ones.

Little Axel Caron’s smile is as big as the woolly sheep he gets to feed at The Log Farm in Ottawa’s west end. He and his father Michel are here to seek out adventure together.

“It’s a beautiful day. All you need for your soul is to feed some sheep and watch the kids frolic and play,” says Caron. “I’m thankful for my family, I’m thankful for everyone here with their families and it’s really nice to see everyone really at peace.”

The picture-perfect Monday has many out and about, connecting with nature and loved ones. Connor Meade and his daughter Lorna, up high on her father’s shoulders, giggle their way through the pumpkin patch, alongside wife Kathleen and their young son Gordon.

“For us, it’s the opportunity to spend time with family,” says Meade. “We come back here every year and every year it’s a new experience. The kids are a little bit bigger, a little bit older and they’re just totally new people. We had a wonderful day yesterday with extended family, new nieces and nephews, grandparents and it’s been such an amazing weekend.”

Hundreds visiting The Log Farm enjoyed getting lost in happiness—and the corn maze—or taking a stroll through the forest of friendly and happy scarecrows. For Kristine Norris, along with husband Shawn and daughter Sofia, this day is one of relaxing.

“We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday so we ate all the turkey and the ham and the stuffing and everything,” she says. “Today we’re just enjoying family time.”

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