OTTAWA -- The union representing workers at the LCBO says cashiers will soon have plexiglass barriers as protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union says work on the barriers is expected to begin soon.

"OPSEU has persuaded the LCBO to install plexiglass barriers at checkout counters and the work will be proceeding as soon as possible," a statement from OPSEU President Warren 'Smokey' Thomas reads. "The LCBO has also agreed to breaks every 30 minutes for handwashing and has taken steps to put more hand sanitizer in stores and keeping disinfecting supplies on hand."

Thomas says the union is still waiting to hear from the LCBO regarding the issuing of masks to employees, whether cash payments can be temporarily eliminated, and what the impact of Monday closures will be.

The LCBO announced earlier this week it would be closing on Mondays, starting March 30, as part of its COVID-19 response. The stores are also limiting the number of customers inside and enforcing physical distancing in lineups through markers on the floor.

The LCBO is considered an essential service in Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic and is allowed to remain open. Premier Doug Ford said the decision was made, in part, to help reduce the risk of harm to people with alcohol addictions.

A timeline for the installation of plexiglass barriers in LCBO stores has not been announced.