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Here's where to expect picket lines for the PSAC strike


The union representing 155,000 workers has released its list of locations where workers will be picketing after labour negotiations with the federal government failed to produce a deal.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada's list online includes hundreds of locations across Canada. They include federal government buildings, Service Canada locations, and the offices of MPs. The site includes links to RSVP for a picket line, and the time a picket is supposed to begin.

Public Service Alliance of Canada picket line locations in the national capital region if a strike goes ahead.

"We've delivered for Canadians day in and day out," PSAC says on its website. "Join us on the picket line to show the government it's time for them to be there for Canada's workers. It’s time to take action because our bills can’t wait, and neither can we."

The strike officially began at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday after the two sides failed to reach a deal by the Tuesday evening deadline.

Key issues include enshrining language around remote work in the collective agreement and wages. The federal government said it offered a nine per cent increase over three years, calling it a "fair and competitive offer", but in a statement Monday suggested it would not entertain PSAC’s demand to include language on remote work in collective agreements. The government said the union's demands would "severely impact the Government’s ability to deliver services to Canadians and would limit its ability to effectively manage employees within the public service."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that both sides were still at the table ahead of the union's strike deadline.

"On the public service negotiations, I think it's really important that Canadians can continue to rely on the kinds of services they need from the federal government, and that's why both parties at the table are negotiating extremely diligently, and with a lot of intensity to try and resolve this," he said.

Treasury Board President Mona Fortier told reporters she's working very hard on reaching an agreement.

"We're negotiating right now and in front of committee, so I know that we're working very hard to on the current negotiations," Fortier said. "We have a competitive and fair wage on the table ... that is reasonable to Canadians. Therefore, we're going to continue to work hard until we get to a deal." 

There are seven picket locations in Ottawa: West Block, the Prime Minister's Office, the office Treasury Board President Mona Fortier, the office of Liberal MP Marie-France Lalonde, Tunney's Pasture, the James Michael Flaherty Building on Elgin Street, and the Canada Post Building on Heron Road. Two locations are listed in Gatineau, the office of Liberal MP Greg Fergus at Place du Portage and the office of Liberal MP Steve MacKinnon.

Preparations are seen near Parliament Hill ahead of potential Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) strike action in Ottawa, on Tuesday, April 18, 2023. The clock is ticking for the government and Canada's largest federal public-service union to reach an agreement by a deadline of 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday evening. (Spencer Colby/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Ottawa police are asking commuters to find alternate routes to avoid traffic delays at Tunney's Pasture and other locations where picket lines have formed.

"Tunney’s Pasture, Montreal Road, and Centrum Boulevard were subject to traffic congestion during the morning rush hour, and we can expect similar delays in the foreseeable future," police said Wednesday afternoon. "Ottawa/Gatineau commuters who travel these routes are asked to be patient, continue to obey all traffic laws, and consider an alternative route when possible. The Ottawa Police Service will continue to monitor traffic around identified picket sites and will keep the community updated on any major traffic disruptions."

The city of Ottawa will also communicate any traffic delays through its social media channels, police said.

Across Canada, there are 32 other locations in Ontario, 46 other locations in Quebec, seven in Prince Edward Island, 23 in New Brunswick, 27 in Nova Scotia, 19 in Newfoundland and Labrador, 20 in Manitoba, 14 in Saskatchewan, 19 in Alberta, 36 in British Columbia, one in the Northwest Territories, one in the Yukon, and two in Nunavut where Canadians might see public servants on the picket lines.

For the full list, click here.

The union says public servants will be required on the picket lines for four hours a day. Accommodations will be made for workers with mobility issues or disabilities.

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