Rents for one-and-two bedroom apartments in Ottawa increased below the national average in May, while renters in Gatineau, Que. saw a significant increase.

The average cost to rent a one-bedroom in Ottawa increased 3.5 per cent from May 2021 to $1,674, according to a report from A two-bedroom apartment cost $2,047 – up 4.7 per cent.

The monthly report shows the average rent in Canada for a one-bedroom apartment was $1,591 in May, up 8.5 per cent from May 2021.  The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment was $2,033 in Canada, up 11.82 per cent from a year ago.

In Gatineau, the average rent for a one-bedroom was $1,481 in May, up 9.1 per cent from May 2021. The cost to rent a two-bedroom increased 12.8 per cent year-over-year to $1,796.

Vancouver has the highest monthly rents for a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom apartment, followed by Toronto, Burnaby, B.C. and Oakville, Ont. The average monthly rent in May in Vancouver was $2,377 for a one-bedroom and $3,495 for a two-bedroom.

Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Canada (May 2022)

  1. Vancouver $2,377
  2. Toronto $2,133
  3. Burnaby, B.C. $2,012
  4. Oakville, Ont. $2,011
  5. Burlington $1,978
  6. Etobicoke, Ont. $1,972
  7. Guelph $1,950
  8. Richmond Hill $1,928
  9. Victoria $1,870
  10. Mississauga, Ont. $1,855

15. Ottawa $1,674

23. Gatineau, Que $1,481

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