Ottawa Police were called to a Kanata elementary school this morning after some hateful graffiti was spray painted on the school's brick wall.  Bridlewood Community Elementary School is located at 63 Bluegrass Drive.  Police were notified this morning when staff discovered the hateful messages depicting a Swastika and the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) symbol.  Police say investigators will determine whether to elevate the case to the Hate Crime Unit.

Parents were upset to learn their school had been defaced.

“My reaction is shock,” says Diane Tonchin, on her way into the school to pick up her daughter, “because you wouldn't expect this around here, it's a grade school.  It has to be older kids who did that.”

The Ottawa Public School Board declined comment but in an email said, “The students and staff of Bridlewood Community Elementary School operate in a climate that encourages inclusion and promotes tolerance. The vandalism that occurred over the weekend is not representative of our community and our values.”