Jody Mitic has admitted to abusing cocaine while he was a councillor for Innes Ward.

He made the comments in a candid interview with Evan Solomon on Ottawa Now. 

"I was abusing cocaine." he said. "The last thing I'm gonna do is BS. People deserve to know why I failed."

During the interview, Mitic also mentioned how there were times his staff at City Hall would cover for him

Mitic said he has exited rehab to help deal with the addiction and that he was one month sober.

He says hadn’t gotten over losing his legs in Afghanistan by the time he was elected.

While Mitic says he was not mentally prepared to be a city councillor at the time he was elected, he did not rule out a possible return to politics.

Mitic served as the Innes Ward city councilor from 2014-2018. He announced last spring that he wouldn’t seek re-election in October’s election after struggling with his mental health and failing to show up for several council meetings and events.  

Listen to the full interview here: