OTTAWA -- Photo radar is coming to select Ottawa neighbourhoods this summer.

Council approved a motion from Councillor Tim Tierney to direct staff to launch the speed camera pilot project in school zones on July 13.

Tierney's motion notes the automated speed enforcement cameras will help address "an increase in speeding observed at these locations."

The City of Ottawa was set to launch photo radar in school zones in March after a 90-day period requiring the city to inform motorists that the camera would be installed at the location. But the city delayed the launch of the camera pilot project due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ottawa has purchased four cameras for the automated speed enforcement pilot project.  Two of the cameras will rotate between six school zones in Ottawa, while the other two cameras will be permanently set up in a location.

The locations for the photo radar cameras are:

  • Innes Road (Ecole secondaire catholique Beatrice-Desloges)
  • Bayshore Drive (St. Rose of Lima School)
  • Oglivie Road (Gloucester High School)
  • Smyth Road (Vincent Massey Public School, Hillcrest High School and Ecole secondaire catholique Franco-Cite)
  • Meadowlands Drive West (St. Gregory School)
  • Watters Road (St. Francis of Assisi School)
  • Longfields Drive (Ecole elementaire catholique Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, St. Mother Theresa High School and Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School)
  • Katimavik Road (Holy Trinity Catholic High School)

The Ontario Government gave municipalities the authority to install photo radar cameras in school zones late last year. One condition was that municipalities had to set up signs for 90 days alerting motorists that a camera would soon be at the location.

The City of Ottawa says a motorist photographed speeding through the area will likely to get a ticket. The amount of the fine will be based on how much the driver was exceeding the posted speed limit

“And because the offence occurred in a community safety zone, the fine will be doubled,” said a statement on the city’s website.