Nearly two dozen people voiced their opposition over the proposed Chateau Laurier addition at a meeting of the city's Committee of Adjustment Wednesday afternoon.

The hotel's owners are asking for minor variances from the heritage overlay provisions of zoning bylaws in order to proceed

For example, it wants a reduced rear yard setback of 0 metres for a retaining wall but the current bylaw says it can be no less than 3 metres. It's also asking for changes in order to "accommodate an articulation in the building facade."

It will be up to the committee to decide. If it allows the variances it means the owners can apply for building permits to get the massive overhaul underway.

It was back in July when council voted to not overturn the decision that approved the controversial addition.

The case has since ended up in court with a GoFundMe page set up to raise money for court costs. So far it's raised about $55,000 of its $150,000 goal.

There have been five designs -- all of them met with backlash.

The mayor asked the owners to come back with a sixth design but was told no.

The NCC also needs to give approval for lighting and landscape changes.

The committee is expected to issue its decision on Sept. 27.