OTTAWA -- Ottawa residents will have more time to pay their property tax bill during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council approved a grace period for payment of interim taxes to Wednesday, April 15. The initial deadline to pay the interim property tax bill, which covers 50 per cent of the entire property tax bill, was Thursday, March 19.

The City of Ottawa says property owners will not incur a penalty by waiting to pay the interim property tax bill until April 15.

Council has also approved the creation of the 2020 Property Tax Hardship Deferral program for residents and businesses that have an assessed property value of up to $7.5 million.

The program extends both the interim property tax deadline and the final property tax deadline to Friday, October 30.

Residents will also receive some relief on their water bill.

The city is providing an interest-free 30-day payment grace period on all unpaid water bills issued before Wednesday, April 1. For water bills issued between April 1 and Oct. 30, the city will grant a 30-day extension on the due date.