RENFREW -- The Ace of Spades in Renfrew is proving tricky to track down, as the jackpot grows for whoever does eventually find it. 

The Two of Clubs was pulled in the Catch the Ace draw Thursday night, meaning the fundraiser for the Renfrew Victoria Hospital will go into its 46th week.

The jackpot for the person that finds the Ace has grown to over $1.3 million. Last week, ticket sales topped 115,000, pushing the total raised for the hospital to more than $2.2 million. 

There are seven cards still on the board. People buy tickets for $5 and select one of the remaining envelopes. Each week, a winner is chosen and the card inside their choice of envelope is revealed. Whoever finds the Ace of Spades wins the jackpot.

20% of ticket sales are the weekly prize handed out to whoever's ticket is drawn. 30% of sales go into the jackpot, while the other 50% go back to the hospital.