ARNPRIOR -- The idea of providing proof of vaccination is one Canadians would be on board with if it meant a return to the things they enjoy during the pandemic.

In a recent survey by the Angus Reid Institute, 79 per cent of Canadians polled said they would carry a vaccine passport to travel internationally, while 76 per cent said they would carry one to cross the border to the United States.

At home, 55 per cent of people said they would provide proof at public places such as restaurants, malls, movie theatres, and even workplaces.

"If it meant I didn’t have to wear a mask anymore and we could open everything up and put everything back to normal, I’ll carry whatever they ask me to carry," said Shawn Lewis, who was out picking up groceries at the Metro location in Arnprior.

"It would definitely make a lot of sense because you know everybody around you is vaccinated."

In Renfrew County, more than 50 per cent of the population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Cushman is anticipating that number to reach 70 per cent before vaccine hesitancy becomes prominent.

"Renfrew County tends to be very pro-vaccine, which is great," says Dr. Cushman. "I think most people want their own private vaccine passport because they realize that it will help them in certain places."

But there are some who say they don’t like the idea of a digital passport being scanned on their phone.

"Personally, myself no," says Bob Lachance, who was also out running errands in Arnprior. "If we need a passport, maybe present it if you want to go somewhere. But personally I don’t think it’s necessary."