Move over Pharrell Williams, because we’re happy too.

According to a couple of surveys released this week, Canadians are a pretty happy lot.

And some Canadians are even happier than others.

According to the World Happiness Report, Canada ranks as the 5th happiest country on the planet. Not bad considering there are 158 countries on the list.

Switzerland was ranked number 1, followed by Iceland and Denmark.

The U.S. was 15th on the list. The tiny African nation of Togo was, sadly, 158th.

Statistics Canada also released a report this week ranking 33 Canadian metropolitan areas for “life satisfaction.”

And the happiest city in the world’s 5th happiest country? Saguenay, Quebec.

It was followed by Trois-Rivieres and St. John’s.

Ottawa-Gatineau was in the top 10.

At the bottom is Toronto and Vancouver, proving that bigger is not always better.