BELLEVILLE, Ont. - The legend of the Stirling "Gator Caper" continues to grow.

A team from the Indian River Reptile Zoo near Peterborough, Ont., took to the water of Mill Pond in downtown Stirling-Rawdon, searching for a reported crocodile or alligator.

Zoo president Bry Loyst says the reptile watchers set out in canoes armed with flashlights, trying to illuminate any eyes lurking in the pond.

Loyst says it's possible someone has released an alligator or crocodile into the water.

A German man who identified himself as Yog says he was fishing in the pond a few weeks ago when the gator tried to snap a catfish off his line.

Police in Stirling-Rawdon, northwest of Belleville, released a photo last week of what appeared to be a small alligator in the pond.