OTTAWA -- ‘Woot, Woot’ is new at the Canadian Museum of Nature? Owls are!

A new outdoor exhibit featuring a variety of live Owls, as well as a Bald Eagle, is now open at the museum in Ottawa.

“We always really want to have people connect with nature in different ways,” Ailsa Barry, vice-president, experience and engagement at the Canadian Museum of Nature tells CTV News Ottawa. “There’s nothing like seeing a live animal, and the way that it kind of makes you connect emotionally; these birds tell a really important story about biodiversity and conservation.”

The exhibition features a Great Horned Owl, a Barn Owl, two Snowy Owls, a Eurasian Eagle-Owl, as well as a Bald Eagle.

The birds cannot be released into the wild, and are cared for in a specially-designed enclosures, according to the Museum. “All of the owls were breed under human care; they’re part of conservation breeding programs,” says Barry.

Entry to the exhibit is included as part of general admission (Adults $16, Seniors 65+ $14, Students 13+ $14, Children 3-12 $12).  Tickets are time-specific, and must be purchased in advance.

A spokesperson for the museum tells CTV News Ottawa that tickets are sold out until Sunday. Don’t worry, the Owls are here for the next three years.

“It’s met and exceeded our expectations,” says Barry.