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You can go zip lining at Camp Fortune this summer

If you’re looking for some adventure-seeking fun with an incredible view, you don't have to travel very far in the Ottawa area this summer.

You can soar peak-to-peak at Camp Fortune in Chelsea, Que.

Camp Fortune is now home to a Zip Line Tour, where guests soar over the valley on a series of three dual zip lines. The longest zip line measures 2,500 ft. and a total course length of 4,478 ft. 

The fun begins with a ski lift ride to the top, and ends with a "leap of faith," off a 50 ft. drop tower.

"It’s so much fun, I love like going fast and looking over the park," says one employee just moments before zipping down.

Standing at the top of the first of three zip line towers, you get a great view of Gatineau Park.

What goes up, comes down…fast.

"It’s just so invigorating, you know. When you’re first up there, you’re 'wait, what? I’m gonna go down? I’m gonna zip across? And then once you’re released, it’s just bliss. It’s so beautiful; I mean, you’re in the Gatineau Hills," says Rosey Edah, CTV Morning Live host.

Edah took in the excitement during a media preview Friday afternoon at Camp Fortune.

Chelsea’s Mayor Pierre Guénard also tried it out.

"Oh, it was great. It’s a very fun attraction, and also to have a different view. When I ski I see the slopes, but then to see all the slopes from up high, it’s a wonderful feeling."

"It’s quite the ride; we’re pretty excited about this,” says Erin Boucher, Camp Fortune Director.

"We’ve been working on a long-term development plan; very important in the ski industry to branch out and have summer activities as well, to make the business a little bit more stable in the face of climate change. So now we have a full offering of summer activities."

Camp Fortune features a mountain pipe coaster, Ariel Park, mountain biking, and now the zip line course.

Boucher says the zip line course is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday until June 23, and then it will be open daily through the summer.  Spring pricing is $65 for adults, and $55 for children.  You can reserve on Camp Fortune’s website. Top Stories

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