At an announcement on Wednesday, city officials said they had completed work expected to put an end to flooding in Ottawa’s west-end. In both 2002 and 2009 hundreds of homes were destroyed in Kanata North, Carp and Stittsville by water and sewage as a result of severe storms.  

Councillor Allan Hubley revealed a new pond located near the intersection of Castlefrank Rd. at Winchester Dr. as the final piece of a $35 million solution to the flooding.

“Now what happens, is that there are different catch basins at the top, that the water will flow down through that pipe… and it will be stored here in the pond,” Hubley said.  

Engineers assigned to the project said most of the other fixes were localized or underground.

“We basically re-graded the roads so the water was going to the right places, other projects we added catch basins and pipes,” said Carina Duclos, manager of Design & Construction for the city of Ottawa.

Hubley noted that 225 homes were flooded in 2002, with another 1,200 in 2009.

“They grieved the loss of the memories - that happens when your basement fills up with 18inches of water and sewage. The treasured pictures of loved ones and the wedding dress that was saved, now became hazardous waste,” he said.

The plan to fix the issue was approved by council and expected to take five to seven years. Hubley announced the plan was now complete on time, and on budget.