Ottawa police continue to search for a sexual predator, who has assaulted at least three women, and could be responsible for up to seven more attacks.

The assaults have many women in the capital on edge, and interested in learning self-defence.

uOttawa offers a Rape Aggression Defence, or RAD, course. In it, women learn tips to fight-off an attacker, and how to prevent an assault.

Prevention tips include:

-Avoid walking alone, especially at night.

-Be aware of your surroundings, and who is around you.

-Listen to that gut feeling that tells you someone is acting suspiciously.

-Make eye contact and acknowledge passersby.

While not all assaults can be prevented, experts say, arming yourself with a few tricks can be empowering.

The RAD program is offered by campus security at uOttawa, Carleton University, and Algonquin college.

There are also many different types of self-defence courses available through martial arts studios across the city.

Tonight at 6, CTV’s Natalie Pierosara, learns how to defend herself in a mock-attack.