KINGSTON, Ont. -- Police say two women fled their home in just their pyjamas after a man allegedly entered their house in Kingston, Ont., late at night and threatened one of them.

They say the victim was in her bed Wednesday night when a man she didn't know allegedly entered her bedroom and closed the door and threatened her with an aluminum water bottle after she asked him to leave.

Investigators allege the man then made sexual remarks and the woman called out for her roommate, who called 911.

They say the two women managed to flee the house barefoot and wearing just their pyjamas.

Police say the accused stumbled while coming out of the house and was restrained by two men who were passing by, but not before he allegedly punched one of them in the mouth.

A 20-year-old Kingston man is charged with being unlawfully in a dwelling-house, assault, and assault with a weapon.