Divers recovered the body of an Orleans woman from the frozen waters of the Ottawa River Monday afternoon, one day after the truck she was riding in broke through the ice.

Rachel Taylor's body was pulled from the frozen waters near Aylmer Monday afternoon. She had disappeared beneath the dark waters of the Ottawa River on Sunday when the ice cracked beneath the truck she was riding in, causing the vehicle to sink.

Although her boyfriend Lee Bourdon was able to get out of the truck, Taylor was unable to open the passenger side door. Bourdon tried to pull her out, but after three attempts it was too late.

The couple grew up in the area, just down the river from where Taylor disappeared beneath the waters. The pair recently reconnected on Facebook and started dating.

A family friend told CTV Ottawa Bourdon is sick with grief. He can't believe Taylor is gone and feels horrible about what happened.

The couple's vehicle was the second to break through the ice on the Ottawa River on Sunday, causing police to issue a warning to keep vehicles off the frozen river.

A man was rescued from the hood of his car when his vehicle broke through the ice near Constance Bay, about an hour west of downtown Ottawa.

With files from CTV Ottawa's John Hua