A woman has been found dead inside an abandoned Gatineau home. Police however do not believe her death is a homicide.

The woman’s identity and age have not been released; police say the cause of her death is still being investigated pending an autopsy.

Police believe the home along Aylmer Road, near a wooded area, has been vacant for some time. Police confirm they were called to the home shortly after 8 Tuesday evening; the body was found with no obvious signs of trauma. Officers did not comment on why the woman was in the home or how long she was there.

The woman’s family is now being notified of her passing.

Police said investigators closed off the property until Wednesday afternoon; police tape was removed from the path entering the property; tape remained attached to trees behind the building.

Police said there does not appear to be a threat to public safety and said there is no reason to believe the home was being live or squatted in.