One woman and her video camera are trying to change the way drivers are acting at her central Ottawa intersection.

Lana Stewart has been posting videos of drivers ignoring the red lights at the intersection of Bronson Avenue and Gladstone Avenue to YouTube for a month.

She said she's experienced even more dangerous driving than she can catch on tape, including a couple of weeks ago when she was crossing with her son.

"We had the right of way. A clear walk light and four cars turned left right in front of us without yielding," she said. "No one even slowed down."

Ideally, Stewart said she'd like Bronson Avenue cut from four lanes to three, but more realistically is hoping for left turn spotlights and more policing.

"We understand that police presence is costly and they can't be everywhere at once," she said. "But a red light camera for the intersection to catch the red light runners and the traffic violations would be a marked improvement."

Bronson Avenue is set to be torn up for sewer and water main repairs this summer, similar to what Bank Street in the Glebe went through last year.

Stewart said she won't mind the construction as it will at least mean drivers will slow down.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Norman Fetterley