A woman who was killed in a multi-vehicle crash on Friday is being remembered as a devoted animal lover.

68-year-old Anne Rettie was pronounced dead on scene after the vehicle she was driving collided with two other vehicles at the intersection of March Road and Greystone Drive. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Rettie was from Mississippi Mills. She worked as a tech writer. She lived on a farm with horses and dogs. She started Farthing CatRescue operation as a volunteer.

Natalia Kudryashova ran the operation with Rettie. “She lived life on her own terms, alone in the country on the farm with all the animals.”

Kudryashova estimates Rettie helped save more than 200 endangered cats.  Kudryashova says, “(Rettie) was just an amazing individual. Really smart, really funny, really open minded.”  

Kudryashova has tried to find all of Rettie’s nearly 15 cats a new home. Some are still looking for a home.

Rebecca Rotenberg says Rettie was well-loved and respected in the animal rescue community. “The only thing I can do about it is make sure her death is not in vain. Whether it’s her's or other rescues that are struggling, we want to raise awareness, so people know that these little guys are thrown out and left behind.”

To make a donation click on the link to Farthing CatRescue facebook page.