An Ottawa woman is talking publicly tonight after she was violently attacked on Tuesday.

The victim doesn't know if the attack was random and police are investigating.

It happened along a trail in Sheila McKee Park, in the Dunrobin area, in the city's west-end.

Shauna has asked that we not show her face, and use only her first name.

She was running in the woods, shortly after 8:30 Tuesday night, when suddenly she was struck from behind, in the head.

"He started yelling about me being entitled and we'll see how pretty you are going to look now, and at the same time he was punching me in the face. About the second or third punch I saw white,” says Shauna.

While she was unconscious, she says, the attacker used her phone to take a photo of her bruised face and texted it to four of her friends. One of those friends called police and started looking for her.

When Shauna was finally able to find her way out of the woods she was met by police and taken to hospital. She suffered bruises, a concussion, and some burns to her face and neck, believed to have been caused by a cigarette.

Shauna says she didn't get a good look at her attacker, and doesn't know if it was random or not.

She says she is coming forward to warn others.

“I don't want this happening to anybody else, or something worse happening,” says Shauna.