For the second time in less than a week, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario will be hit with a winter storm with high winds and up to 15 centimetres  of snow overnight Wednesday and into Thursday.

Environment Canada has issued a winter storm warning from Kingston to Cornwall. The warning  includes the communities of Gananoque, Prescott, Kemptville, Morrisburg and Alexandria.

Some flights both in and out of the Ottawa Airport were delayed or cancelled due to weather Wednesday night.

Kevin Williams’ flight from Ottawa to Newark was cancelled which meant he missed his connecting flight to Brazil where he was supposed to board a cruise.

“If I can't rebook some stuff it could cost me $10,000 or more but we will probably hook up with the ship and be two days late so we'll find another port and connect with them,” Williams said.

Other travellers, like Kevin Nuttom, acknowledge they are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

“You can't do anything about it. You just have to get on with it I suppose,” he said.

The City of Ottawa has a winter maintenance budget of $69 million.

“Throughout a storm we're going to receive, if we do get it, we'll be utilizing about 550 pieces of equipment with about 600 staff,” said Jason Staniforth with the city.

Many winter enthusiasts said they welcome all the snow.

“Being in the cold when you're dressed for it, it might be minus 20 out here, but because we're exercising and moving a lot, it's as if it's summertime,” said skier Raymond Renaud.

With files from CTV Ottawa's Katie Griffin and Claudia Cautillo