From the ski slopes to a game of pond hockey, winter enthusiasts in Ottawa and Gatineau took advantage of the first weekend of winter.

“It’s fun to do and you get to spend your time outside,” said Jasmine, who took on the slopes at Camp Fortune.

The ski hill re-opened after being without power for two days. Friday’s heavy, wet snowfall caused more than 100,000 customers to be without power in west Quebec and in parts of the Ottawa Valley.

“Snow in the city means skiers come up. We've had a power outage for the past two days so we've had sort of a pent up demand for everyone to come out and enjoy the snow,” said Erin Boucher with Camp Fortune. “The good news is that since it was untouched, conditions are absolutely incredible today."

36 per cent of trails in Gatineau Park are open. Cross-country skiers said the sport is a way to stay fit.

"Bringing the 3-year-old and 11-month old out for their first ski of the year,” said Evan Kuelz. “Up-hills will be a challenge but I think they're going to help on the way down."

"You get to just enjoy nature, you warm up so you're not cold when you're doing it and we get to bring the kids along,” said Stephanie Rubec.

Many also spent the day building snow forts and playing pond hockey.

Gatineau Park opens 36 per cent of trails

The National Capital Commission has opened its ski trails on the parkway section only of Gatineau Park.

That means 36 per cent of the overall ski system is now open. What is not ready is the trail system in the woods -- the secondary trails -- where there is a danger of falling trees and branches because of all the snowfall Friday.

All of the snowshoe trails and hiking trails are closed.

Visitors are asked to respect all of the signage because crews can't access some of the areas if there is a problem.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Katie Griffin