OTTAWA -- Canada geese received a police escort back to the river on Mother's Day after they blocked traffic on a busy street in Ottawa's south end.

Insp. Francois D'Aoust shared a video on Twitter of a goose and its six goslings jumping out of an Ottawa Police cruiser and walking back to the river.

Officers responded to a call at 5:30 p.m. for geese trying to cross the road in the area of Bank Street and Heron Road.

D'Aoust said because it caused a traffic concern, "Officers apprehended the goose and goslings and relocated them to a nearby river."

The 50-second video showed the goose jumping out of the back of the cruiser, followed by the six goslings. 

"They led officers on a wild goose chase, but no fowl play suspected," joked D'Aoust on Twitter.