The New York Times recently ran an article called “A Sleepy Ottawa Neighbourhood Wakes Up.”

And it wasn’t talking about the suburbs. It was referring to the Capital’s premiere entertainment district, the Byward Market.

It states that “until recently, downtown Ottawa’s Byward Market… suffered from a common capital city affliction. After hours, it turned notoriously sleepy.”

That has generated a fair bit of debate. “We haven’t had a Friday or Saturday without a line-up around the block in probably 23 years,” says Marty Pineault, General Manager of the Heart and Crown Pub. “I guess that’s one person’s point of view.”

Further, the article highlights five local businesses as examples that have “reimagined and reinvigorated the area.” They include a chocolate shop, a clothing boutique, a diner, a lingerie shop, and the Byward Market location of the Wine Rack.

All fine businesses, no doubt. But not exactly what many people imagine when they think of downtown nightlife.

Still, some say the article is all good. “Having Ottawa profiled in the New York Times travel section is a great thing, says Jantine Van Kregten of Ottawa Tourism. “I also love the passion that people have brought to the debate.”

What do you think? Was the Byward Market “sleepy” until the Wine Rack came along? Have your say below.