OTTAWA -- At exactly 6:30 pm, 1100 Ambleside Drive exploded with noise.

For 15 minutes, residents of the condominium building stood on their balconies and banged pots, pans, and even rubber bins. They used the sounds as a form of appreciation for all the essential workers that are helping out the community through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resident Sue Garvey coordinated the event and says even she was surprised at how many people came out.

“I never expected to get this many people to come. It wasn’t just people in our building but people around our building started hearing and joining in,” said Garvey.

With so many people cooped up inside their homes, the chance to let loose and make some noise was appreciated.

“We really wanted to do something to acknowledge all those people out there, working on our behalf right now,” added Garvey.

Bay Ward Councillor Theresa Kavanagh helped inspire the idea and pushed others to join in.

“It was noisy, and it was great because as you could see, there were a few other buildings around and curiosity got the best of them and they participated as well.”

When the 15 minutes had passed, and the noise died down, the heartfelt thanks and appreciation remained.

“This is for the ones that are on the front lines, know that -- hey, we’re thinking of you all the time, we know what you’re doing, we know what it means to us, we know the sacrifices you’re making and from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you,” said Kavanagh.