OTTAWA -- Three Ottawa women who are stranded in India have another chance to get home, but after their latest attempt to leave was dashed, one of them says they're not holding their breath.

On Friday, Katie Tayler, her sister and their mother were supposed to take a bus from Goa to Mumbai, where they were to catch a flight home but, after a 17-hour wait, the bus never arrived.

Speaking to CTV Morning Live's Leslie Roberts on Monday morning, Katie Tayler said the trio were thankful they found a place to sleep that night, after checking out of their hotel to catch the bus that never came.

"Luckily, we didn't fully lock the door on our hotel that night. We had already checked out, but we were able to go back and sleep in the room," she said. "The next morning, we woke up and they told us we couldn't stay there, so we had to leave. The location that we moved to is actually great. There's a restaurant available here, so it's actually better. We're able to get more food here."

Tayler said she was told there would be a new bus to Mumbai on Tuesday, ahead of a flight to Canada on April 9, but she’s yet to hear anything more.

"We still haven't heard any information about what time this bus will be coming to pick us up," she said. "We were told they recently hired a new company to arrange the buses and there would be an English-speaking Canadian warden from Goa on the ground facilitating organizing everything, with organized pick-up locations, which they didn't have previously.

"It sounds more promising, but we're still waiting for information so, as of right now, we're not holding our breath. We're just trying to stay positive and see what happens," she said.

Tayler said they've been told they have a seat on another flight, but they have yet to see the tickets. She said she's also unsure about whether they will have to pay more for new tickets, after already spending up to $15,000 trying to get home.

The Taylers have been trying to get back to Canada since March 18.

Katie Tayler said she's hopeful the Canadian government will listen to the voices of those who remain stranded abroad.

"I don’t want put anybody at blame because I know people are trying to get Canadians home and I know that they can't get everyone home, but they should be doing their research to make sure they're hiring proper companies and keeping Canadians safe during all of this," Tayler said. "What happened to us the other day and to the people who were on that bus, it was just shameful. They could have been put in such huge danger."

Tayler said the family is trying to take it one day at a time and they've been getting help from the people around them.

"The locals will bring us food, everybody's asking, 'are you eating enough?' There's honestly really good support systems here and that gets us through. It shows you that even in the toughest of times, people can be really good people."