OTTAWA -- As Ottawa and eastern Ontario get set for Stage 3 of Ontario's COVID-19 reopening on Friday, an eastern Ontario business is feeling left out.

Calypso waterpark in Limoges is not allowed to open.

Waterparks and amusement parks are not included in the third phase of the province’s reopening plan.

“We were really disappointed because we were pretty sure that Calypso was part of phase 3,” said Sandra Nadeau, Director of sales, marketing and communications for Calypso.

"The initial framework had said waterparks would be included, and so we were surprised because we had already started working with our local waterpark, Calypso," added Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, the Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health.

Dr. Roumeliotis said he has worked with Calypso in the past weeks on a plan he felt was ready to reopen.

He said the plan is “very well thought out”.

“I’m hoping that the committee that reviews the exemptions, agrees with my opinion, we believe that they can open safely,” said Dr. Roumeliotis.

The plan includes physical distancing measure throughout the park, sanitization stations, mandatory masks in indoor areas, as well as comprehensive sanitization of items like tubes and mats used on water slides.

Calypso says its plan has been submitted to the Ontario government — but it needs an answer on reopening soon.

“We need an answer, you know, right now, because we’re holding all these employees and trying to keep them, to work with us this summer, but there’s only a month and a half left,” said Nadeau.

“We do have their proposal, we are bringing it forward, we are bringing it to the command table with the chief medical officer of health, and once that is cleared, we’ll let folks know,” said Lisa McLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture.


While Calypso fights for a chance to reopen this summer, it’s a different story across the border in Quebec.

“So far, it’s a success, for us it is,” said Emilie Desagne-Bouchard, Communications and Marketing Manager for Mont Cascades. “We were scared not to be able to reopen so we can totally feel how Calypso’s feeling.”

Mont Cascades’ waterpark has been open for two weeks. Officials from Mont Cascades said physical distancing restrictions and enhanced cleaning are part of the new procedures.