OTTAWA -- Residents of Manotick are fed up with the constant rumbling of trucks driving through their village, and have collected evidence to pressure City Hall into removing some of the traffic.

The Manotick Village and Community Association has conducted its own survey, and president Grace Thrasher tells CTV News Ottawa that on a weekday, "we get 800 trucks a day."

She says it's the only village in the city of Ottawa with that many trucks travelling through it.

"We've certainly noticed an increase in the last three or four years, it's been an on-going issue. But it's getting worse," she says.

Located in the city's south end, Manotick Main Street is designated as part of a truck route by the city. Heavy trucks are allowed to use it, but Thrasher would like to see that changed, and have more trucks use crossings like the Vimy Memorial Bridge instead.

"I don't think that they anticipated that the impact long-term would be this great in a small village, and so they need to rethink that and put those trucks would be better suited," she says.

"There's some negative health impacts for people who live near truck routes; the fumes that come out of those trucks are nauseous for a lot of people, the noise level, anybody who lives within a block radius of this intersection hears that truck traffic constantly."

The Manotick Village and Community Association have sent a copy of the report to city council

In an e-mail to CTV News Ottawa, area councillor Scott Moffatt says that while he would like to see further reductions where possible, the truck route isn't going anywhere,

"I've always been realistic about this and up front with residents that there is no removing of the truck route. All but two main river crossings (St. Patrick and Hog's Back) in the City are truck routes. It's an unfortunate reality. Over the years, we have done things to reduce and mitigate but traffic has rebounded in recent years."