There was sensational testimony today in the murder trial of Jagtar Gill.  A clairvoyant and life coach took the stand testifying Gurpreet Ronald told her that she and Bhupinderpal Gill were prepared to do anything to be together. It's the testimony many who have been watching this trial have been waiting for; a discussion about love, betrayal, and hatred with a little psychic experience thrown in as well.

It was at an office location on MacLaren Street in downtown Ottawa, that a life coach and clairvoyant says she met with the two accused in the brutal murder in January of 2014 of Jagtar Gill.

Susanne Shields testified the couple hired her and her partner, Tony Gyenis, for a three-hour couples’ session in April of 2012, some two years before Jagtar Gill was bludgeoned and stabbed to death.

Shields' practice as a clairvoyant and life coach is a side business. She is a well-educated woman with a Masters’ of Science in biostatistics and epidemiology.  She is on leave from a managerial job with the federal government.

But she was nervous as she took the stand today in a case that could send her former friend Gurpreet Ronald to jail for life. Shields met Ronald in 2007. Ronald cut and coloured her hair every 3 weeks for years.

“It grew from an acquaintance to a business relationship to a friendship,” Shields testified.

In 2011, Shields says Ronald confided in her how unhappy she was in her marriage and that she had met someone."

That "someone" was Bhupinderpal Gill who she brought to that couples session in 2012. Shields says that Gill told her in that session

"he was angry at his wife, had nicknames for her like Nazi woman and Hitler woman and that he hated her. He reiterated divorce was not an option because he would lose his kids".

She says "Ronald wanted to know whether she and Gill would be together".

Crown lawyer Brian Howolka asked Shields whether "Gill indicated what else he was prepared to do (if divorce wasn't an option)?"

Shields answered that "he was fearful of losing his kids and that it was Ronald who said "we would do anything to be together" although, she added, “Gill nodded” in apparent agreement.

Shields says she talked about the need to communicate better with their respective spouses. Then she issued a receipt for the session: $500 plus GST. She says Ronald didn't want a receipt and insisted stead, on paying in cash. Shields says she was then hired by Jagtar and Bhoupinderpal Gill to help them stage their home to sell it. She says Jagtar approached her one day and asked her whether her husband and Ronald were having an affair, and told her that she was afraid to move into new house because she suspected her husband was cheating on her.  Shields is back on the stand Friday.