Mayoral candidate and incumbent Jim Watson has made a big campaign promise in the final weeks of the mayoral race.

Today Watson announced that if elected, he plans to hire an additional 75 police officers, including fifteen new officers that would be dedicated to traffic and enforcing speeding violations.

He also is promising an extra 56 paramedics, in order to improve response times both in rural areas and the suburbs.

That's part of his campaign plan for "Safer Roads and Safer Communities."

Watson also said he has interest in increasing traffic calming measures throughout the city. An additional $10,000 was promised to each ward for traffic improvements, uping their budgets to $50,000 per year.

Watson is also interested in placing photo-radar cameras in school zones, doubling fines in school zones, adding 20 new red light cameras, and hiring 40 new crossing guards across the city.

Ottawa goes to the polls October 22nd.

With files from 580 CFRA