The Ottawa River is flowing at historic levels, as water levels continue to rise through the National Capital Region.

The rise of the Ottawa River flowed over the weekend due to cooler temperatures and less than expected rainfall, but still continued to rise as residents tries to protect their homes and properties.

Several communities have declared States of Emergency since flood waters started to rise, including Ottawa and Clarence-Rockland.

The Ottawa River Regulating Committee reported Sunday that water levels had exceeded the May 2017 peaks from Mattawa to Lac Deschenes/Britannia.

River levels are still expected to rise 39 cm at Lac Deschenes/Britannia by Tuesday’s peak, while the river will rise another 50 cm at the Gatineau/Hull Marina before peaking on Wednesday.

The Regulating Committee said “levels are forecast to peak Tuesday and Wednesday and should remain fairly stable thereafter depending on weather conditions.”

City of Ottawa officials said some 5,500 volunteers have been helping fill sandbags since April 19. More than 700 Canadian Armed Forces personnel have been deployed in the Ottawa region, with troops focusing on Constance Bay and Cumberland over the weekend. 

On Sunday, the City said staff had conducted more than 300 wellness checks at homes in the flood zone. People living at 18 homes had decided to leave their homes voluntarily.

City of Gatineau officials said Sunday that water levels were at 100-year flood threshold in Aylmer, Hull and Pointe-Gatineau.

More than 1,200 residents in Gatineau have registered as flood victims.