Flood waters along the Rideau River are expected to recede after several homes near Kemptville were inundated with water over the weekend.

The high river surrounded about 20 homes on Hilly Lane, cutting them off from nearby Rideau Road, south of Ottawa. Backyards were transformed into icy swimming pools; some had to wade through deep water to get into their homes.

The Rideau River Conservation Authority issued a high water warning last week because of melting snow. The authority advised that waterflows on the river were expected to reach their peak on the weekend, increasing the flood risk.

Still, residents say they were surprised by the extent of the flooding, especially since there wasn't much snow this winter.

"We got caught off guard this year," Don Rudman told CTV Ottawa on Sunday. "We have to move articles from underneath the house, or in the yard. We have to prepare for other accommodations."

The flooding began Friday along Hilly Lane. The rising water was caused by the warmer temperatures that have been melting snow across the area.