Besides sprouting flowers and fresh leaves, warmer weather also gives life to additional swarmings and personal attacks in the capital - especially against young people.

Ottawa police believe prevention begins with avoiding solo travel whenever possible, being alert to your surroundings, and avoiding isolated areas.

Other tips include keeping others informed on your destination and when you're expected home, and being careful about displaying cell phones, personal music players, and other expensive mobile devices.

If an attack should occur, Ottawa police say resistance is a bad option.

"While doing that, make sure that you're taking a good look at the person, trying to remember his height, clothing, facial features, or anything like that," said Const. Alain Boucher of the Ottawa Police Service.

"And make sure you report it to police every single time."

Most young people that CTV Ottawa talked to Friday feel safe on Ottawa's streets, but also recognize the need for caution.

"When I'm alone at night, I don't listen to my iPod or anything," said Rebecca Webber. "I'm always alert and I try to stay with a friend."

Others rely on their cell phones to make emergency calls, leave valuables at home, and stick to well-traveled routes.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Norman Fetterley