Ottawa police are looking for the public’s help to find two men who spray-painted a swastika on a Canadian War Museum airplane in August.

They said two men, who arrived in separate four-door dark coloured vehicles, spray-painted a swastika and “offensive message” on a Royal Canadian Air Force plane in the early morning hours.

Police didn't elaborate on what the offensive message said.

"Vandalism does occasionally occur on war museum property," said Yasmine Mingay of the Canadian War Museum. "The particular nature of this graffiti was beyond distasteful and really quite disturbing."

Both the swastika and message have since been removed, with a fence erected around the plane and a nearby tank to prevent any similar incidents in the future.

The first suspect is described as a man with light brown skin, about six feet tall with short dark hair. The second is described as a white man about five feet ten inches tall with short dark hair.

Both men were wearing jeans and t-shirts with logos.

Police said they had been working on the case since it happened but had run into a dead end, leading them to ask for the public's help.

Anyone with information can contact Det. Serge Bérubé at 613-236-1222 extension 5677 or Crime Stoppers at 613-233-8477.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Katie Griffin