Lawns on several properties in the riding of Kanata-Carleton streets showed signs of homes divided.

The riding, won by Liberal Karen McCrimmon by 8000 votes in 2015, appears to be a tight race between the incumbent and her Conservative rival Justina McCarffrey.

 “Been challenging this year to make that decision,” said Ramashan Manikavasagar from the front door of his home. “One party already ruling,” he said. “And one party promising; so you don’t know who to trust.” Manikavasagar said he will have a tough time choosing between the Liberals and Conservatives; both parties have placed signs on his front lawn.

Cam Fung and his wife continue to have a tough time decided who deserves their vote.

“I still haven’t decided. That's the thing. If I put the sign up, I’d put all three signs up,” said Fung. “It is rather split, this is why I’ve got to be rather sensitive and not turn the kitchen table into a warzone.”

Some residents said the choice on election day will be clear. “I'm going to be for Liberals,” said Shahbaz Maqbool, “No doubt in my mind.”

Mowing his lawn Sunday afternoon, Brown told CTV News he has already cast his ballot at advance polls.

“Voters don’t elect governments, they throw them out,” said Brown. “I think in our riding this time, it's going to be very close.

Oudom Venekeo said he doesn’t have signs on his lawn because often voters have a change of heart and don’t necessarily vote based on polls or the signs on lawns in their community.

“Doesn't matter blue, green, red, something like that, they can change their mind when they go there,” said Venekeo.

Melissa Coenraad is the NDP candidate, Jennifer Purdy represents the Greens and Scott Miller is the PPC candidate in Kanata-Carleton.