Before you whisk your child away from the sun consider a new study led by a team at CHEO

Researchers found 75 per cent of kids admitted to the intensive care unit had very low levels of vitamin D which helps reduce chronic illness and boosts bone health.

"I was told she gets enough through food like milk and the sun,” said Simone Oberacher, a mother. “I try to expose her to sun everyday and I hope that’s enough,”

But experts say that not enough especially here in Canada.

Studies have shown low levels of Vitamin D in adults can lead to big problems.  This new study focused on the effects on kids.

The study looked at 300 critically ill children in six Canadian hospitals. Three-quarters of the kids had very low levels of Vitamin D.  They found the lower the level, the sicker the kids.

"The lower your levels are when admitted to the ICU, the more ill you are or the more ill you become,” said Dr. Dayre McNally, a CHEO clinical researcher.

Jenni Walker and her three-year-old child take vitamin D supplements everyday.

"Between the sunscreen and covering up from the sun I think he needs it,” said Walker.

Doctor McNally recommends 400 international units for kids under one, 600 for children older.

“I’ll be giving her vitamin D throughout if that what the doctor recommends and if they’re doing these studies and it’s not harmful, then why not? Right?” said Sarah Walker, a mother.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr.