“My Sharona” was at the top of the music charts and “The Dukes of Hazzard” on nearly every television set. The year was 1979 and an OC Transpo ticket cost 50 cents.

Just ask Luc Dumouchel, who has a pair of the vintage tickets for sale on Kijiji.

“I actually think it's a piece of history, of Ottawa history. As you know OC Transpo it’s quite important for Ottawa,” says Dumouchel.

The collector found the old tickets in an antique silverware set he had purchased.

So how much would the vintage tickets be worth today.

According to the Bank of Canada inflation calculator, the tickets are valued around $1.59.

OC Transpo tickets today cost $1.50 but there’s a catch. It takes two tickets to ride the bus.

“Maybe they need the money more. Maybe they've got extra expenses. Maybe they bump it a bit up,” says one transit user.

“I’m not surprised. Much cheaper than it is today,” says another.

Fuel, infrastructure and a growing fleet to supply a larger population may all be reasons that account for the increase above the rate of inflation.

Dumouchel , who is selling the tickets for $40, says he think OC Transpo today is still a good bargain.

“I guess back then it was an even better deal,” he says.

With a report from CTV’s John Hua.