A vigil and walk on Sunday retraced the final steps of Nadia Kajouji, the 18-year-old Carleton University student whose body was pulled from the Rideau River one year ago Monday.

Her family continues to search for justice after Minnesota police theorized a man there coaxed the teenager to kill herself through online conversations.

"We have a new danger on the Internet, and I want people to realize they have to be more vigilant," said Deborah Chevalier, Kajouji's mother. "Hopefully people will take action.

"Nadia was an amazing, amazing person and anyone who knew her loved her."

Kajouji's March 2008 disappearance sparked a month-long search that ended in tragedy. American authorities believe a 46-year-old male nurse from St. Paul, Minnesota convinced her - and others - into suicide while chatting online.

The man has not been charged, but Kajouji's family hope that will change soon to create a potentially precedent-setting case.

"If nothing is done, it's almost like condoning it," Chevalier said. "What are we saying? Are just opening up the gateways and saying this type of behaviour is acceptable?"

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem