The former employer of Myda Egrmajer, the woman who survived a pirate attack off the coast of Honduras that killed her father, said she is a sweet, but strong woman who had a close relationship with her dad.

"She is strong and beautiful," said Chad Emby, owner of a Peterborough restaurant where Myda used to bartend. "And she talked about her father a lot. You could tell she was proud of him."

"He sounded like a very international, very interesting man."

Myda's father, Milan Egrmajer, 58, was killed Thursday after a gang of men swarmed his small yacht, named the Adena, off the northern coast of Honduras.

Myda, 24, escaped the attack unharmed and was transported to Belize after being picked up by an Australian pleasure craft, according to her uncle, Kelly Wilson.

Both Myda and her father had ties to Ottawa. Myda attended Colonel By Secondary School and recently received an undergraduate degree from Trent University.

Egrmajer was a semi-retired engineer and experienced sailor of Caribbean waters. On his website, he wrote about his love of the open water.

"To me, water is a magnet. From the time I took my first steps, these steps were towards the nearest puddle…It is this magnetism that has spurned this sailing adventure. Trying to find out what lies beyond that horizon?"

Officials in Honduras, as well as Foreign Affairs in Ottawa, are continuing to investigate the tragedy.

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With a report from CTV Ottawa's Meg Wilcox