Some Canadian military veterans are complaining after an American home improvement store stopped giving them a special discount, while continuing to offer one in the United States.

Four Lowe's stores in Ontario, including two in east Ontario, were giving those with military experience ten per cent discounts until their home office in Toronto found out, according to the veterans.

Greg Menzies had been getting the discount for months at the Innes Road location east of Ottawa until he was told it was a mistake and would be stopped by the end of October.

"We have fought on the same battlefield, trained and died on the same battlefiend, and appreciation should be extended to all (Canadian Forces) members and their families," he said.

Lowe's said they employ 5,000 people and have invested back in the community since they opened their first Canadian location in 2007.

They said the discount was a mistake and should have never been offered.

"This is not a decision we took lightly, but what makes sense for our business here in Canada," said Joanne Elson with Lowe's Canada.

Very few stores do offer military discounts in Canada, although some shoppers said they would like to see that change.

"So Lowe's is an American store in Canada and only giving discounts to American military?" said shopper Tara Cummings. "That's unacceptable, upsetting and wrong."

"I have a soft spot (for the military,)" said Al Bezanson, a former member of the Canadian air force. "If they do it in the US, they should do it in Canada."

Lowe's said it will offer a ten per cent discount in the week around Remembrance Day and is working with military family resource centres on other initiatives.

Until then, Menzies said they've lost a customer.

"Honestly, I haven't stepped foot in Lowe's since I heard the news," he said. "I'm taking my business elsewhere and hoping they'll reverse their decision."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr