OTTAWA -- Carleton University has updated its COVID-19 vaccination guidelines for students, staff and visitors, and will no longer allow unvaccinated individuals on campus without a valid exemption.

The university announced mandatory vaccinations for anyone visiting or attending campus this fall earlier this month; however, those who were not fully vaccinated were still allowed on campus provided they followed all public health measures and underwent rapid testing before setting foot on the grounds.

In an updated statement on Tuesday, the university said only those who have a valid medical or human rights exemption would still be permitted on campus.

"Any individual who cannot be vaccinated on medical grounds or other protected grounds recognized by the Ontario Human Rights Code can request an exemption. All individuals who are unvaccinated due to permitted exemptions or who are awaiting their second dose are required to adhere to additional health and safety measures, including frequent rapid testing," Suzanne Blanchard, the university's COVID-19 lead, said.

"Unvaccinated individuals without an approved permitted exemption will not be able to attend campus or any University activity in person."

All others coming to campus must attest to having had their first dose by Sept. 8 and their second no later than Oct. 15. Reporting vaccination status is not required to access campus prior to Sept. 8, the university says. More information on how to provide proof is yet to come.

More details can be found on the university's website.