Three days after an explosive story about the University of Ottawa and a naked pub crawl involving sex acts, the university's President is finally speaking out.

Jacques Frémont held a very brief news conference this morning to again denounce the event but did not call for an investigation. CTV Ottawa has been asking the president for an interview for days, but Jacques Frémont says he decided to speak today after some vicious on-line hate mail directed towards the university reporter who first broke the story about this event called the “Vet's Tour.”

Yasmine Mehdi, the editor of La Rotonde, has been vilified on social media , even threatened with rape, after she went undercover to expose this event, organized by the Science Students' Association. 

"The backlash I received shows how important it was for the story to be out there," Mehdi said in a phone interview.  She's out of country on vacation.

Mehdi said the pub crawl October 7 through the Byward Market, involved sexual activities in order to get points. She wants an investigation and sanctions against the organizers.

Today, the University's president said he has reached out to the reporter to express his concerns about the hate mail but has not called for an investigation or for sanctions.

“When we were made aware of events,” Frémont told reporters, “the university denounced the event and the behavior. We took action quickly.  We met with Science Students’ Association, which as you know, has apologized and said that this event will never occur again.”

“Right now, the main issue is not sanctions,” Frémont continued, “but rather to take stock that we've worked hard towards this issue coming back to school in September.  There have been sessions (on sexual harassment), money and time, the whole campus came around this sexual violence policy. It's agreed to by the university unions, the students, and the whole community.  We’ve worked hard and still this event happened.”

Mehdi is surprised and disappointed.

"I was expecting and would have liked an investigation," she said, "because now I'm worried everyone will just get away with it."

Frémont said he will support an investigation being conducted by the University's Student Federation.

Francesco Caruso with the Student Federation said the Federation has been speaking with the Science Students’ Association as part of its investigation.

“We are trying to figure out what happened, how did it get there and who did it go through to get approved and how best to fix the situation.”