Hundreds from across Canada left Ottawa after protesting for pipelines on Parliament Hill.

It is unclear whether the United We Roll for Canada campaign was a success. Organizer said they achieved their goal of making their presence and message known.

"Absolute success so far, we came here to make some noise and we made some noise." said Glen Carritt, co-ordinator of United We Roll convoy. "We need to take care of our own resources. We shouldn't be paying 50 million dollars a day on foreign oil."

Many protestors said the government's stance on climate change and cutting greenhouse gas emissions need to change. The groups who spoke out on Parliament Hill want to kill the carbon tax and focus on creating jobs.

Randy Knull, is a truck driver from Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Knull said the economy needs to be bolstered by removing unncessary taxes and red tape. 

"More than we've ever had." said Knull of taxes. "A carbon tax does nothing; all it does is give them more money to waste."

"The pipeline is the start, when everybody in our country is working, people are successful, all industries profit." said Kevin Peters; drive captain from Ft. McMurray, Alberta.

"Get it moving. Our economy depends on it and that's very important. Whether anybody wants to realize it or not, it's feeding Canada." said protestor Gary Hebel.

Many in attendance joined chants of Build that Pipe, while wearing Make Canada Great Again ballcaps; echoing themes of nationalism and protectionism. Knull said he supports the work being done by U.S. president Donald Trump.

"I think he's doing a great job for his country, and he's got it where we used to be. But now we're falling behind terribly." said Knull; comparing Canada to the United States.

Protestors hoped to speak with members of the Trudeau government; they said the opportunity never arose this week.

"We had a lot of the Conservative caucus. I'll tell you who we didn't have here, I didn't see any Liberals." said Yellow Vest Canada organizer Colleen Mac from Alberta.

It's unclear whether all that noise this week will ultimately make a difference.