The union representing government workers wants the federal government to do more about a bed bug problem.

Eddy Bourque is the National President for the Canada Employment and Immigration Union. He says the incidents cannot be treated as “isolated” and should be treated more like a public health concern.

Bourque says, “If there are traces of bed bugs in the building, they have to fumigate completely. Not just one floor here, one floor there. They have to do the whole building.”

Bourque wants the federal government to have all their government buildings inspected. Bourque also wants better arrangements to be made for employees who have to work from home because of bed bugs.

He says reports of bed bugs can cause distress and emotional stress for employees.

The number of reported bed bugs in government buildings in Ottawa is now four.

A spokesperson for Public Services and Procurement Canada says a new case was reported at 70 rue Crémazie. In a statement saying, “a new detection of one bed bug was found in one workstation on the 6th floor. It was quickly localized, isolated and treatment will be completed on Saturday, October 26…. Arrangements were made with IRCC’s employees, who will be relocated for the day and evening shift during the treatment.”

There are also reports of bed bugs at Jeanne Mance Building in Tunney’s Pasture.

Employees say they received an email from building management stating “one bed bug was found on the 12th floor of the Jeanne Mance building. No others have been found to date and we believe that this was an isolated incident.  The insect was eliminated…. As a precaution, we have installed pheromone glue traps on the floor to monitor the situation.”

Bed bugs has also been reported at 22 rue Eddy and 335 King Edward.