OTTAWA -- American and dual-citizen voters in Ottawa are making sure their votes count for this year’s U.S. presidential election.  

“Every vote matters, every vote makes a difference,” says Jessica Matwick.  

Matwick says this election is crucial.  

"We need to have some leadership in the White House to really bring the country back together, repair relationships," Matwick says.  

Rachel Eugster adds, "I take my responsibilities seriously in both countries." 

Eugster is a dual citizen and co-chair of the capital region chapter of Democrats Abroad Canada. She has already sent in her ballot and says there’s still time for others to do so. 

"Many, many states will accept them by email, those that won’t accept them by email will by courier," Eugster says.  

Republicans Overseas is also encouraging its members to get out and vote. 

"There’s clearly a high degree of engagement there’s no doubt about that," said John Richardson. "I’ve never in all my years seen anything that even remotely approaches this election in intensity."

There’s another group of people in Ottawa watching the election—residents on Trump Avenue in the city’s Central Park neighbourhood.   

"No one really paid attention before he was elected, but after he was elected that’s when it became a talking point," said Rebecca Hosker. "I find it a bit too painful, I don’t actually want to watch it I’ll just wake up in the morning and see the results." 

Many say regardless of the results, they hope it is not too late to consider changing the street name.

"Beyond politics and whatever your political tendencies are, as a person, as a human being I’m not sure he really stands for what most of Ottawa does in terms of our values," said Hillary Greer.